The Lather Lounge


At The Lather Lounge we believe that through team work our highly trained staff will give you the quality service that you deserve. We believe in the importance of continued education to keep us on the cutting edge of fashion. Most importantly, we believe that you are the number one priority. Spoiling you is not an is a way of life. Let The Lather Lounge be your Daymaker.


The Lather Lounge will support our team members in their path to success. We are dedicated to making education for our professionals a priority. The Lather Lounge enjoys success by making the dreams of our staff and clientele come true.

Giving Back   

One of the core values at The Lather Lounge is giving back to those in need to make the world a better place. Each year The Lather Lounge Team supports many charitable organizations. Listed below are just a few from the past year of Giving Back.


If you would like to participate and give back with The Lather Lounge, be sure to check out the events page so you can join in making the world a better place!

The Charities



The St. Baldricks Foundation is a volunteer-driven charity committed to funding the most promising research to find cures for childhood cancers and give survivors long and healthy lives. 



Avon raises funds to provide women and men with the breast cancer screening, support, and treatment they need regardless of their ability to pay, and so that leading-edge research teams across the country can be powered by the funds they need to fuel their quest for a cure. 



Matter of Trust is the only non-profit organization that gathers human and pet hair to help clean up oil spills. The hair is either stuffed into booms or made into mats. Hair mats are used to absorb the oil that has already washed ashore, while the booms are placed into the water to help absorb the oil in the ocean and prevent it from washing ashore. 



Locks of Love is a non for profit charity. The organization accepts donations of human hair and money with the stated intention of making wigs for the needy children who have lost their hair due to medical conditions.



since 1974, Ignatia House has provided a sage, clean, sober residential environment for women recovering from alcoholism. The House has room for seven women. This small group living arrangement provides a healing and supportive environment that offers each resident an opportunity to begin her recovery with a sense of dignity while developing self confidence and self respect. Communal living also provides and environment that empowers recovering women and encourages the development of tools necessary to re-enter society as sober, productive members. 

Ignatia Foundation is a non for profit, tax exempt corporation registered with the State of Illinois as a charitable organization.